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Country fried steak

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

6 cube steaks

3 beaten eggs

2 cups of all purpose flour

I lightly seasoned the steaks individually(sorry no measurements) use whatever seasonings you like. I used Tony’s Cajun seasoning, garlic pepper and Greek seasoning

1/2 cup of vegetable oil

1/4 cup of milk


1 Teaspoon of unsalted butter

1/4 cup of flour

3/4 cup of whole milk

3/4 cup-1 cup of the drippings from the cube steaks

Salt and pepper to taste

-Lightly season your steaks on both sides and set them to the side.

-Add 3 beaten eggs in a bowl and a pinch of whatever seasonings you used to season your steaks. Add in your milk and whisk well.

-In another bowl add your flour and a pinch of the seasonings you used to season your steaks. Mix well.

-Dredge your steaks into the egg mixture and then into the flour, do this twice.

-Fry your steaks until they are a golden brown color. About 5 minutes per side. Make sure not to deep fry them ( do not let the oil completely cover the steaks)

-For the gravy add your butter and the drippings from the steaks along with the flour, slowly pour in your milk, and stir; add as much milk as you’d like until you reach the consistency you’d like. Sprinkle salt and black pepper, taste test to make sure it’s to you liking.

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