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I tried to do all the possible things but I can't open the viewer mode. I can only watch the videos on YouTube through my internet! And no solution to help me. Please, I beg you ! Thanks for your help ! A: Try to uninstall the Lumion 2017 and install the last version ( The current version is Q: Moving text in an input field I'm having trouble finding a way to write JavaScript that makes the cursor move up and down in a text input field. For example, when the first character is the letter "A", then the first letter "B" is at the top of the field and vice versa. I'm new to JavaScript and just started writing the following code but it doesn't work as I need it. // Make the cursor visible document.getElementById('textbox').focus(); // Make the cursor stay visible document.getElementById('textbox').onfocus = function () { this.focus(); }; // Mouse down on the textbox document.getElementById('textbox').onmousedown = function () { if (this.value == 'a') { this.value = 'b' } else if (this.value == 'b') { this.value = 'a' } else { this.value = '' } document.getElementById('textbox').onmouseup = function () { this.focus(); } As I say, it's not working. What have I missed? Firstly, there's a syntax error in your function: this.value = '' You need: this.value = ""; Secondly, the onmouseup event should be called when you have just released your mouse button. So, you need to add a function that is called when the user stops pressing the mouse button:




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Lumion 4 Download With Crack

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